A Man of The People and For The People

Allan K.Chesang. A man known by many and respected by all. He was born in Kwanza constituency and raised by loving and caring parents. As a young boy, he learnt the essence of having a close relationship with God and has grown to a man who still believes and trusts in the Almighty. Allan Chesang also developed the art of helping other people at a young age. Maybe it’s because he had wonderful parents that taught him about equality and charity or maybe it is because he was a young boy with a good heart and didn’t let the evils of this world take his humanity and art of giving away from him.
Allan Chesang is a Jack of all trades. He is a business man and a successful person in the fields of trading, agriculture, petroleum, transport, imports and exports, real estate and financial services. Besides being a success story, Allan is a staunch believer in the old saying that “The youth are the future of tomorrow”. He seeks to mentor, empower and support the young people in working towards their dreams and goals and achieving success. His two favorite quotes are “To Dream Wildly. Because daring to dream opens up your world to infinite possibilities” and “Risk it all and take the lesson with you…whether you win or lose. Because there is no lesson in not trying to make a difference.” To most if not all of the young people he has met, Allan requests them to follow their dreams with his favorite piece of advice being “Chase your dreams not the money.”

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Is there a negative side to this man?” I’m afraid there is none. Allan Chesang also chairs an organization by the name Global Care International. Being a non-profit organization, it seeks to offer help to the less fortunate by improving their lives, offering resources which aid in the implementation of community programmes and initiatives and offering help to the citizens that get affected once tribal or regional conflicts occur. This organization has had a great impact on the lives of the people especially the less fortunate and those that are greatly affected by illnesses, hunger and conflicts. He is also actively involved in some of the filed activities that are run by this organization and ensures that he has made time to offer a helping hand despite his busy schedule. One of his governing policies is that “When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving.” Allan’s vision for the organization is that it will continue having a positive impact on the people and that more Kenyan citizens will continue benefiting from it.
Many say that success comes with a price. A price of changing and being mean to the less fortunate. However, Allan Chesang has proved that this is just a myth. For he is a clear manifestation of the fact that a man who accumulates wealth and uses it for the good of others is continuously blessed and has greater peace of mind. His dream is to uplift his people, those he knows and those that he serves. He is a visionary. A man that seeks to do the best for his community and his people, one that aspires to make the world a better place and one that gives hope to the youth and tells them “It is okay to dream. It is okay to fail and win. It is okay to be afraid. But most of all, it is okay to live a life full of purpose.” Indeed, Allan is A Man of The People and For the People.