The Midnight Office Moaner; Part 2

Passion begins with desire but no one tells you that once a flame is lit, you become a copyright version of Moses (watching a fire burn with no knowledge of how to put it off or why it’s burning so effortlessly) It had been 2 weeks since Caleb and I went on a date. You could say the date was a success (It was a Christian Gray kind of date, of course it had to be a success) Everything seemed to be flowing smoothly, apart from the coincidental meetings around the office since they always led to some tension. However, on this day things seemed to be amiss for the thoughts tormenting my mind were all because of him. Gazing around the office, my fellow colleagues seemed to be deeply engaged in their work. I couldn’t say the same for myself. See, it had been more than 10 hours and still, I had not gotten a response from Caleb. Was he ignoring me? Had I said something wrong? Was he with someone else? And why was I so bothered? I was the one he wanted so why this? Out of the blues, someone tapped my desk.
 “The manager is calling for you?” went Ian
  “What for?” I asked
   “Linda, he just told me to call you, not the reason behind him calling you,”
  “So he’s actually around?”
  “Why do you sound startled? He is the manager, he has to be around. What is wrong with you?”
  “Nothing. Anyway, thanks.”
As Ian walked away, I could tell he was alarmed due to my reaction. How could he understand what I was feeling? Hastily rising from my chair, I quickly made my way towards Caleb’s office. Ideas of how I was about to get fired kept crossing my mind. I mean, which woman in their right mind allows the manager to make her a midnight office moaner? “But the nerve of him to leave a woman like me waiting for a mere reply for more than 10 hours,” I thought to myself. As soon as I got to the door of his office, I politely knocked as I then progressed to walk in.
  “Morning Linda,”
  “Afternoon Caleb,”
  “Oh, it’s afternoon. I’m sure you’re wondering why I called for you,”
 “Yea, what’s going on?”
 “Management is thinking of awarding two people promotions. I thought it’d be great to inform you so you can apply for the position,”
 “Sure thing. I’ll definitely apply,”
 (Walking towards the door and turning the lock)
 “I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your text,”
  “It’s okay. You’re not entitled to telling me your every move,”
   “Don’t be cold. I already said sorry,”
   “Then you’re forgiven. I should get back to work.”
(Standing up to make my leave, Caleb blocks my way as he presumptuously stands in front of me)

His eyes looked straight into my soul as if he was reading my fortune allowing tension to rise as he then pulled me closer. Close enough for me to feel the warmth of his breathe and telepathically hear his heartbeat. It’s not that I didn’t know what was about to happen and that he was about to compromise my wish to keep things low key. Neither did I want to ignore the fact that he had ignored me for close to a day. But God, it all felt extremely pleasant. His arms gently moved from my neck to my waist as they slowly progressed to my perky breasts. Gently running his hands across my nipples, streams of adrenaline were triggered. All of a sudden, his phone rang ruining the moment (Bummer). Quickly fixing my blouse and skirt as he went about his call, I walked out of his office shutting the door behind me.
Could people tell? Had I correctly re-buttoned my blouse? Had Ian been paying attention to how long I had been in Caleb’s office? Did I have a glow on my face? As soon as I got back to my desk, I sat trying to avoid eye contact with Ian. Kenny Rodgers said you can tell what the cards read by looking into someone’s eyes. Well, today wasn’t the day to let Caleb see through me.
 “You’ve been gone for quite some time,” Ian asked
  “Yea, had to visit the washrooms.”
Pretending not to choke on my own lie, I set my mind back to work. I had a promotion to earn, right? However, the fear of how fast things were going with Caleb was making me think twice if not thrice. The promotion was a sweet deal but would what had just happened keep going on? Beep! Went on my phone breaking my concentration. ‘You working late tonight?’ the text read. A part of me wanted to say no but then another part knew that all I’d go home to do was drink white wine like a divorced white woman while watching a reality show about women who are out of touch with reality. Guess saying yes wouldn’t hurt. And with the yes response, my countdown to night time began.
The office seemed to be robbed of human life. The pizza on my desk was halfway done. It was one of those nights I found myself saying pizza is overrated while sex is debated. Every part of me felt anxious. I mean, what was I turning into? Or rather, what was I doing?
“I’m guessing they’ll definitely give you that promotion,” went Caleb’s voice making me look up,"
“You never know,” (I grouchily responded)
“I’m sorry I made you stay late,”
“You didn’t, I was going to stay late even without you asking,”
            “I take it you’re vexed because of what happened earlier,”
            “Of course. What were you thinking? Someone could have walked in on us,”
          “Well, I did lock the door. (He said with a cheeky look) But I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself.”
             “Yea, right,”
             “I mean it.”
On saying this, he walked towards me and kissed my forehead and like a fool, I looked at him with a smile on my face. (Honestly, being a female sucks at times)There was something about the way he looked at me. It was the type of look that makes you think of being someone’s religion. The type that makes you see yourself at the altar with two of your sons standing behind you. The type that makes you think of being someone’s prescription and medicine. The type that reminds you that even when you’re butt naked, to him you’re dressed to kill. They say letting the man make the first move is having standards. Well, today was the day to say ‘To hell with standards’. Like a queen I rose up and jumped on him (Not literally jumping on him, more like kissing him) and he gladly reciprocated the gesture. I guess simple romance was dead for he not only grabbed my waist with one hand but also put his other hand on my left breast. Gently he slide his hand up my skirt. Romantically, he moved his hands on my cookie jar making me grab onto him and softly call out his name. For a second he stopped and gazed into my eyes (Honestly, I don’t know why that gaze is inevitable.) Viciously I unbuttoned his shirt as he did the same to my blouse. He then slid his lion inside me making me grab onto him as if he was my prey. One by one the files on my desk dropped to the floor. His masculine-self felt so good against my body while the thrill of things taking place on my desk made everything more fanciful (Yes, very fanciful) His motivation increased with the more I moaned while the movement of his hands on my breasts made my nipples get harder than dry nuts. Ever had sex so good such that you ended up thinking of buying an island with someone so you could spend the rest of your days smashing and making money? The more his lion got deeper, the more my grip around him tightened and the more my moans turned to sweet screams. Within no time, I yelled Marco and he said Polo, and in that moment, he sprogged.
We find comfort in things like our success, family, friends, struggles or our thrills. As he stared into my eyes, it dawned on me that he was the guy I wanted to be my last, the one I wanted to give me a title. You know, the one I wanted to feel my love instead of buying it.
            “When I look into your eyes, I see a fire that’s waiting to be unleashed. I see my tomorrow being meaningless without you. With you, I seem to find the strength to face the world with no fear. Very soon you’ll become my drug,” he said
            “When that time comes, I’ll be ready to share my world with no one else but you. With you, I’ll listen to the wind of my soul. Become your sinner and your saint. Become your endless love.”