I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tapped my steering wheel. My phone rings again. For a second, I weigh whether or not I should pick it up. What the heck- I’ll just pick it up.
 “Kevin, where are you? I really need to get out of here,” goes Adele’s frail voice
  “I’ll be there in a few. Just hold on,”
 “Okay. Hurry up”
She then hangs up leaving me staring at the phone. For starters, I don’t even know why I’m here answering her S.M.S (Save My Soul) call yet I’m not Batman, leave alone Bruce Wayne. Couldn’t she have called someone else? Finally, the gods answer my prayers. The traffic light turns green and the cars start moving. Even so, a part of me is still trying to decide if it’s too late to turn my car around and go back home to my soulmate (the television). I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be batman for a night. As I make my way on Moi Avenue, the number of vehicles lessen making it possible to easily get to my destination.
“Hey, I’m outside the club,”
 “Will be there in a second,”
The number of people waiting to get inside the club is both impressive and worrying. 96% of them are campus kids going to spend their parents’ money. Do their parents even have a clue? A tap on the passenger’s window breaks my judgmental moment. It’s Adele. As if someone is chasing her, she quickly gets into the car and buckles up her seat belt. Her eyes seem to be swollen from crying. Her face seems to be in patches since some of her make-up has been wiped off. Her right hand has a bruise that seems to have been caused by someone violently grabbing her. The expression on her face is one that’s full of melancholy and regret. Should I ask what happened? Should I just drive her home? Silence reigns in the car. You know, if a pin was to drop, I believe we’d both hear the sequential sounds produced as it rests on the floor. Finally, the silence is broken. “Please get me out of here,” she says. With no further ado, I ignite the car and drive out of the parking lot. A part of me is tempted to turn on the music in an attempt to reduce the tension while another part of me wants to bombard her with questions. The latter wins.
  “What happened to your arm?”
   “It’s nothing,”
    “What went on in that club?”
     “It’s nothing,”
     “Will you at least tell me why you were crying?”
     “It’s nothing,”
     “Okay then. Where do you want me to take you?”
     “Anywhere that will give me some peace of mind.”
Anger begins to pile up within me. I mean, I’ve sacrificed my time to come to her rescue but all she can manage to say is ‘it’s nothing’ and ‘anywhere that will give me some peace of mind’- is she on her period? Another question comes into mind but just as I’m about to pose it to her, she turns on the radio. I guess she really doesn’t want to talk. My concentration diverts from her to the road since we’re about to make our way out of town. Surprisingly, there’s less traffic meaning it will take us about 40 minutes to get home (What a relief!) The music playing seems to give me some peace of mind that leads me to reasoning out how terrible she must be feeling. Her eyes are still glued to the window. I can’t tell if she’s enjoying watching the stars or if she feels ashamed to even look me in the eye.
“Is it okay if I spend the night at your place?” she asks
 “Yea, sure. No problem at all,” I respond
Within minutes, I pull over outside the gate. Anxiety and anticipation kicks in. Should I let her sleep on the bed while I sleep on the couch? Should I make a move on her? Should I just be a darling? Wait, do I even have condoms? The watchman finally opens the gate cutting my thoughts short. Slowly, I pack my car as we then progress to the house.
The house is stuffy and a bit untidy. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem to mind any of these, instead, she progresses to lay down on the couch.
  “Can we talk about what’s going on because I’m pretty confused?”
  “If you insist. Just don’t judge,”
  “I won’t,”
  “For quite some time, my ex (the guy you watched me banging) has been asking if we can get back together. At first I thought it was a good idea so I said yes to us shagging for one last time. However, it didn’t change a thing. Afterwards, I actually felt stupid and cheap.”
 “So you’ve been single all this time?”
 “Yes, but I can say he has been making me feel as if I’m not single,”
  “Okay, so what happened tonight at the club?”
  “Things were great till he started telling his boys that we had gotten back together and I couldn’t handle that so I came clean about my interest in another guy,”
  “How did he react?”
  “He got angry and started creating a fuss. When I tried walking away, he got violent and started mishandling me,”
  “I’m sorry you had to go through that,”
  “Thanks. I’ll be fine,”
  “You know, you would have called the guy you’re into. I’m sure he’d have understood,”
  “I did call him. He’s the one who picked me up.”
At this point, the expression on my face goes from one that’s full of concern to a face that’s begging to blush all night long.
  “You’re into me?”
  “Yes. Why?”
  “You don’t act like it,”
   “How so?”
   “After our date night, you became distant. I even thought that I’m a terrible kisser,”
   “No-no-no. I just didn’t want to fall for you so I opted to keep my distance,”
   “How’s that working for you?”
   “Not that well.”
I’m a bit confused. Is she saying all these just to please me? Does she mean it? Why I’m I excited by the thought of her meaning what she’s saying? See, as much as I’m interested in her, I don’t want to rush things or do something that may offend her. 1-2-3 minutes pass. Without realizing it, I get absorbed by the many thoughts in my head.
“I do mean it when I say I’m into you,” says a voice to my ear.
 “Prove it,” I whisper to her.
As if she had been eagerly waiting for those words, she buries her lips into mine. Her kisses are like the best wine that goes down smoothly. She then pulls herself closer to me and wraps her hands around me. Her touch fills up my senses like a storm in the desert. The sound of her heartbeat against my chest makes me wish that someday I’ll die in her arms. Every sense in my body is screaming ‘I want to give up my hoe life for you’ She then stops and looks into my eyes giving me a look that says ‘I just want to be in your arms forever’.
   “Why did you stop?” I ask
   “That was my way to prove I’m into you,”
   “Then let me also prove that I’m into you.”
One by one, clothes drop on the floor. Her breasts are like the twins of a gazelle. Her skin is as smooth as the skin on a baby’s butt. The sense of grabbing her future not only makes me get hard but also makes my hairs stand. “Come with me my love,” I say to her as I lead the way towards the couch where she lays down. God damn it she’s fine! The smile on her face makes her cheeks look like halves of a pomegranate. She then pulls me towards her. Then whispers to my ear, “I want all of you.” Calculatedly. I put my soldier inside her. She lets out a certain moan that reveals pleasure and delight. A moan that not only gives me a reaction but motivates me to do the action. In a couple of thrusts, her slight moans become powerful moans. The more she moans the harder I thrust; the harder I thrust the more she moans. The more the thrusts, the more her breasts move like dancing puppets. Finally she yells the safe word, ‘Sponge Bob’. As if it was what I had been waiting for, my soldier does the honor of releasing the fighters
She’s sound asleep. My conscience keeps making me wonder if sleeping with her was a mistake. I mean, we didn’t even use protection. Carefully, I get out of bed. The clock says it’s 3 in the morning. The night is quiet and peaceful. The stars are still shining like diamonds. Even so, I feel restless. Why her? Why tonight? Was she thinking straight? Did I act like a savage? Just as I’m about to walk out of the room, something interrupts me.
  “You okay,” she asks
   “Yea. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,”
   “It’s okay. Come on, you should get some sleep.”
She stretches out her hand leaving me no choice but to join her in bed. Like a cat. She cuddles herself up with my arms wrapped around her waist. Within seconds, she falls asleep. Maybe she isn’t the holiest but a great part of me feels at home when she’s around. Could she be the one I have been waiting for? Maybe yes or maybe no. If yes, then I’m very lucky. If no, it’s best I enjoy it while it lasts. Furthermore, it’s not every night you get to be batman.


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