The heat generated in the kitchen seems to be diffusing very fast while the television seems to have the new Coca Cola advert on repeat. A young couple walks in laughing and kidding with each other. Are they in love or are they just high? “Fries mbili” shouts the girl as if the cashier is deaf as she then turns to give her boyfriend a cheeky look. Yeap, they are just high. The couple seated next to me are all lovey dovey to the point of putting fries in each other’s mouths (Yaani people still do the niumishe nikuumishe thing. Oi!) The high couple has already left and another couple just walked in. This time, the couple has a kid. The lady or rather mother since she is carrying a baby on her back seems to be excited about being in this cafeteria. I mean, it is a fancy fast food place with the best burgers but still, I don’t feel excited about being here. Or I’m I just too tedious? The husband or father of the kid makes the order and they patiently wait as their fries are packed. What in the world is making my order take so long? Why does this place seem to only have couples? And why I’m I so grumpy?
  I take out my phone and stare at it for the millionth time. I still haven’t received any text from my so called girlfriend and no one seems to bother if I’m still in existence. Things between my girlfriend and me must be over since she found out I’m not really into her. However, my mind doesn’t keep thinking about her. Instead, it keeps thinking about HER? Confused about who’s HER especially since I used caps to refer to HER? It’s because SHE’S the most adorable midget I have ever f…… “Thank you for being patient,” says the waiter as he hands me my food. Slowly I walk out of the cafeteria. The night is a bit chilly but the number of people outside is impressive or rather worrying. What’s with Nairobi residents and the night life? It takes me about 7 minutes to get back to my place. These are the days I thank God for giving people minds to build flats close to restaurants. My house is a bit stuffy and trash is all over. Perfect example of a bachelor’s house. Down I sit with my supper as I un-pause my movie intending to continue from where I left it. The food is yummy but not as yummy as it would be if SHE were here with me. Who is this SHE?
It was about three months ago when SHE moved in. Within a few days, I had noticed how often SHE switched on HER lights. Sometimes it would be for 5 minutes, other times 10 minutes, other times 30 and sometimes it would be for hours. For some unknown reason, it somehow seemed to bother me. As in, why were HER lights always off then on? Why couldn’t SHE just leave them on for hours? What did SHE do with the lights off? Then one day it all began. My day at work had been a total disaster. The boss had several bones to pick with me and my girlfriend had confessed that she had cheated since I rarely had time for her. When I got home, I had poured myself a glass of whiskey then cooked my dinner. As I was about to have my meal, I noticed that I had not shut my curtains. So I walked to the window to do so. I think what I lay my eyes upon that night was the universe telling me that despite having a bad day, there were still many things I should be thankful for. See, SHE was standing close to HER window with HER back facing me. The towel wrapped around HER body seemed to bring out HER curves in a manner that aroused some curiosity in me. A part of me wanted to see the heavenly miracles to be revealed when HER towel dropped. However, my concentration had been broken by the ringing of my phone. (That had only been the first night of my obsession.)
From that day, my days at work were mostly filled with anticipation to go back home and just look through my window. Sometimes I’d be lucky to catch HER dressing. Other times SHE would be walking around the house in a t-shirt or a hoodie. The chance to see HER in HER complete birthday suit never seemed to present itself. Well, not until two nights ago.
It was around 9 pm when I got home. Every inch of me felt exhausted so I decided to do what I usually do in such situations; that is, take a shower then chill at the balcony with a cold beer. As I sat there watching the starry night, the lights went on at HER place then SHE walked in. HER lips seemed to move in a manner suggesting she was talking to someone. Who was she even talking to? Seconds later, I saw a man making his way across HER room, in his hands was SHE. Lost in the sweetness of his kisses with HER legs crossed around his waist as he slowly walked towards HER study table. Slowly. He put HER on the study table and gazed into HER eyes. A smile spread across HER face as SHE ran HER hands on his body. Then- then he moved his lips towards HERS, this time the kisses seemed to spike a fire between them. Their adrenaline seemed to be rising. SHE removed his shirt as he then progressed to remove HER top. SHE then unbuttoned his trouser and pulled it down. He then pulled down HER pants and removed HER bra. Mother of heavens! HER breasts were like two peaches firmly placed on HER chest.
Gently. He started kissing every inch of HER. From HER lips to HER neck, then to HER breasts and then down, down to HER cookie jar. Every kiss seemed to arouse HER. The movements he made seemed to be sending HER to heaven and beyond. Then he rose up. Halted for a minute and maintained eye contact with HER. Was this a strategy or a killer move? As if SHE couldn’t take it anymore, SHE pulled HIM closer and dug HER lips into his. HER hands moving all over his body while HER breasts rested on his chest. Then he put it in. The look on HER face was priceless. His thrusts seemed to make HER lose herself. HER eyes seemed to be burning with desire and satisfaction. HER body seemed to be getting the sexual healing it had been needing for a long time. He then pulled out and she stood on the floor then turned with HER back facing him. SHE then bent with her glorious butt curving itself in a letter that has not yet been invented. Again, in he went. This time his speed increased. HER mouth seemed to keep opening itself. Was she moaning?
(My live movie was cut short when my phone rang. Bummer!)
The memories from that night were still fresh in my mind. Fresh to the point of making me wet dream about HER two nights in a row. I mean, HER body was so beautiful. Was that guy HER boyfriend? Was he HER friend with benefits or what was happening? Why did I still have an interest in HER?
Beep! My phone rings. Finally, a text message is here. I’m pretty sure it’s my ex-girlfriend saying she misses me or she is sorry.
  ‘Did you enjoy the show from your balcony?’ reads the text.
   ‘Who’s this?’ I respond
    ‘The girl you’re thinking about.’
Excitement and fear goes through my body. How did SHE get my number? Who told HER I was thinking about HER? You mean SHE saw me watching? I rise up and walk to the window with my phone in my hands. As I peep through my window, I notice that HER lights are on. I have no clue of how to respond to HER last text but something inside me tells me this maybe the beginning of something good.
Beep! Another text.
   ‘Don’t peep too much.’ It reads. Below it are the initials A.M. Do they represent HER name or are they just abbreviations with a hidden meaning?
The lights at HER place then go off. Maybe she’s in bed waiting for my response or maybe she’s leaving the house. Whichever it is, I believe she just doubled my interest in her.


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