Ex Fever

All of a sudden, the voices of my friends slowly faded away. For some reason, a part of me felt like the main character in a horror movie; or is it a romance movie? The man walking towards the coffee shop made my tummy feel as if it has just been gashed by a bolo. Yes! I couldn’t believe it. In his hand was a firmly held briefcase, black in color and made of leather. His black Italian shoes matched the dark maroon tuxedo he was groomed in. Actually, he was dressed to the nines. The radiant light from the scorching sun seemed to make his skin more appealing. In his hand was a set of keys which made me assume he was walking from his car or maybe, the keys were just for show. As he made his way into the shop and took a seat three tables from where we were seated, everything else but him seemed to have come to a halt.
“Maggie,are you okay?" Asked Jackie 
“It’s him- Brian,” I said
Agnes and Jackie both turned in the direction I was facing to see if I was actually bluffing. They then slowly turned to look at me with the expression ‘You should be over him’ written all over their faces. Slowly I looked back at them, took a sip of my coffee and gave them a smile that said ‘am over him’ (but I wasn’t). As if there was no elephant in the room, they continued talking about their new hairdos as I slowly drifted into my own world.

It all seemed like yesterday when I used to wake up beside him on several occasions. When his texts were always the first thing to respond to or read each morning. How the sound of his laughter always had a touch of grandeur in it. How- how he used to walk around the house shirtless which always made me drool at the sight of his well-built body. How he used to take me out on romantic dinners then ask me for a private dance when we got back home. How his cooking filled the house with a pleasant aroma that could leave a well fed dog salivating for more food. But most of all, the sound of his voice every time he called my name. All these were now memories. And all I could do was wonder. Wonder if he still smelt the same? If his laughter was any different? If his cooking had become terrible?  But most of all, wonder why the sight of him made me feel so antsy. 

See, I don’t know if it’s just me but I believe we all have that one ex. Not the ex who you recall and say, “That was a good run but I knew it would lead nowhere.” Am talking of the ex who you thought was ‘THE ONE’.  The one who every time the thought of bumping into them crosses your mind you find yourself going back to your wardrobe to dress better or you just become nervous. And every time you try to erase his or her number from your head, you only erase the first digits (07) but the remaining digits remain glued to your mind. The one who makes you think every other person you date will never match the standards set by ‘the one’. The one who made you believe you could do anything and be anything (even an ant) as long as you set your mind to it. To me, Brian was this ex.

What most of us fail to realize is that we spend so much time trying to figure out why that relationship came to an end or who is to blame, instead of just picking up the pieces and moving on with life. Some even set a standard that they only want a partner who is exactly like ‘the one’.
There are two types of the one;
1.      The one who breaks your heart and welcomes you to the world of love.
2.      The one who loves you till death or divorce comes knocking.
Staring at Brian made me realize that he was just the one to break my heart and welcome me to the world of tears, pain, sacrifice, happiness and satisfaction (the world of love). Therefore, it didn’t matter who was to blame for what happened but it was time to actually move on and find someone worth-while. For if I kept holding on, I would never find the happiness that I actually deserved.

My coffee had gotten cold and Jackie and Agnes had already emptied theirs. As we slowly made our way out of the coffee shop, a part of me wanted to go and say hi to Brian but weird enough, I kept on walking till we were outside the coffee shop. I then took out my phone and sent him a text stating, “Thank you for having been a part of my life.” There and then, the inner peace I had longed for dawned on me and it finally hit me, “everything that has a beginning has an end.”

Happy Valentines.


Very good mastery of the English language.
Vivid descriptions of events.
Another favourite yet👏

You never sieze to amaze me ...each article seems shorter as its so entertaining .
Yeah i also thought i had the "One." ����

Well this is quite something. You keep becoming better by the day. Kudos ma'!

U hav hit the right nail on the head

Think I should also text the one 😂😂😂

Although Maggie must've almost been on her period, that's when we're most impulsive...

Good read , happy Valentines day 😉