Her Fantasy Robbed Her of Her Fertility..

Slowly, she lifted her head to look at me. Her face was full of penitence. The black mascara that had earlier on made her eyes look as pretty as diamonds now seemed to be painting her cheeks. I strongly held her; held her in my arms wanting to whisper ‘it will be alright’ but I didn’t have the strength to mutter those words. All I could do was hold her tight; tighter than a knot tied by a boy scout; tighter than a cap of an unopened whiskey bottle. Frailly she said, “Am sorry that I’ll never manage to give birth to your baby.” The sound of those words made me feel feeble; feeble like an aquatic plant exposed to the desert sun. There and then, the memories of how all this began flashed in my mind.
It was on a rainy Monday evening when Jackie came home from work. For some reason, she seemed happy as a clam especially considering that it was a Monday.
      “Babe, my friends just gave me this awesome tip on how to lose weight at an incredible         rate.”  She said.
      “Mind sharing this so called tip?” I asked
     “Yea, sure. All I have to do is drink a lot of caffeine and take some fat burning supplements.” She answered.
     “Is that even healthy?”
      “Of course. Cate has been doing it and you can see how great she looks right now.”
      “Okay then, if it will give you the body you have always wanted, I am in no position to object.”
The following day Jackie bought several fat burning supplements and a large coffee jar. From then on, they became her breakfast, lunch and supper. I could never wrap my head around why she was so obsessed with losing weight yet she had this amazing African shape that made her look like a Coca-Cola bottle. I guess she wanted to look like a Fanta bottle.
At times, when we really want something, we forget that the easy options are not the best solutions. For instance, nowadays, many people are suffering from obesity and having too much cholesterol in their bodies. This is either caused by wrong eating habits, lack of exercise and lazing around. It becomes a concern when you notice that you can’t fit into your clothes or when a friend asks, “What have you been eating?” When it gets to this point, many opt to go for the easy way out. That is, skipping meals, taking supplements, or taking substances with caffeine yet they may not be healthy especially when taken in large amounts.
 Caffeine increases the metabolic rate, heart rate and changes the patterns of your blood flow. Sadly, too much of it can make one undergo a miscarriage if she is pregnant and it can also decrease ones fertility. A similar theory also applies to fat burning supplements. Some actually work perfectly but others are harmful to one’s health. However, many people won’t tell you that. Same way they did not tell my Jackie that the supplements she was taking would cost her a great deal.
Furthermore, working out is the best way to lose weight. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, cycling, skipping, walking and even running are very effective. Going to the gym is also a great solution. More so, the prices in the gyms are affordable. It’s better than waking up someday and realizing that you developed an illness you could have avoided.
The arm of my khaki shirt was already wet but her sobs had narrowed down. A part of me felt that it was time to reassure her that tomorrow would be better because with every sunset, there comes sunrise.
       “Jackie my love. Maybe we’ll never get a baby, but we will get a happy ever after. Even if it means adopting a child, that’s what we shall do.”
       “Am sorry I ruined things for us.”
       “It wasn’t your fault. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.”
With those words, she looked into my eyes with a certain firmness that seemed to say ‘I fell in love with an angel.


Curiosity killed the cat as they say... But the ending is good... I like a happy ending. Kudos.