Open The Door To Your Inner-Self

For several seconds he lay there abated, stone-cold still, no long exhalation, his eyes didn’t even blink. For an arcsecond I thought he was dead. Then he started moving, not with his legs or hands or moving his mouth to talk or his eyes to at least point at something, he was moving his whole body. Am more than sure you are expecting to hear that he was trying to get back on his feet, nah ah, he was shivering, as if someone or a force was shaking him? Either way, it was something beyond his control. Finally it hit me, he was having an attack. What to do? How to react? Should I play cool or scream? I thought I was practically answering these questions while helping him but I realized I was just staring at him while answering them in my mind when one of his colleagues walked up to us and held him still. Minutes later he came back to ‘life’. I was traumatized, shocked, shaken, maybe even dumbfounded but could I blame the mensch for being epileptic?

I know you are wondering where all these happened and how. Well, let me narrate it as briefly as I can. The other day I was doing my shopping, at times we need someone to help us compare one item with another or find the location of a certain item. It so happened that on this day I needed help comparing one thing with another. A young man walked towards me smiling and there and then I knew, voila, today am getting one of the best attendants. Our chit-chat was great, you’d have thought we were comparing two cars worth millions. He was so friendly that I thought he was gonna ask for my number (that is not just a maybe, he did ask for it). In the midst of our talk that’s when he got an attack.

See, in life most of us are brought up by parents or guardians who tell us what we are supposed to do, how, when and in which stage we should do it. What most of us overlook is that there is a certain point where we have to ‘take the wheel’. A point where you have to change to be a better you. Most work on financial success but forget that inner wealth is very essential. From that experience many would have been moved and ended up saying, “Enyewe maisha ya huyo mse ni ngumu. Yaani unaweza kuwa umekaa tu hivi ukiongea alafu udunde. Waah, tricky meen, tricky sana. Atleast siko hivyo”. But because one hasn’t gained a dime from witnessing all that, one forgets that they are supposed to Thank God and start working towards what they keep saying they want to achieve. Wonder how, by realizing that you are blessed and that you have a chance that most people don’t have. However, there is no way you can achieve that if you have not worked towards gaining inner wealth. It doesn’t have to be someone getting an attack in front of you. It can be that ex who said you are too boring and uptight, that one instance you smoked marijuana or drunk too much and made a fool out of yourself. That speech your bestie gave you after letting him or her down, that moment your mom or dad tells you he or she is sick, that incident whereby the guy you loved most dumps you or cheats on you or maybe that moment when your body, mind and spirit all whisper, “You were born great”. As Edmund Hillary stated, it’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.


It's actually a nice piece... Quite educative in a concise manner and much clarity... I love..