More Beer, Please...

BEER is for real men. Whoever came up with this slogan may have been a great supporter of jingoism because by the way ladies are drinking beer nowadays the slogan should have rather stated, ‘beer is for real women.’ Either way, he was right. There is a great difference between those who take whiskey or vodka and those who take beer. Either by how they behave when they get high (especially ladies) or just the aftermath. Most people associate beer with elderly or potbellied men and forget that men with abs or flat tummies also take beer. Don’t believe me? Let me let you in on some secrets about beer so that next time someone offers to take you out for a drink and says, “All the whiskey and vodka you want is on me,” you will have a valid reason for saying no till he or she changes the statement to, “All the beer you want is on me.”
Beer reduces the chances of one getting heart attacks, strokes or developing blood pressure. How so? By taking beer, it raises the high-density protein which in layman’s language is called good cholesterol. This high-density protein makes the blood vessels less likely to develop a blood clot due to the advantageous effect it has on the lining of the blood vessels. The good cholesterol also helps reduce excessive belly fat thus if one is on a dieting plan, taking a glass or two 12 ounce glasses of beer a day can help in reducing the chances of one getting a bulging belly.
Beer also helps in boosting the brain. Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. After a long week of endless working or studying hours, one needs a break. One can travel, watch movies, go for a swim, a hike or just go partying with friends. For those who go out clubbing or just for a drink and have about 1-6 beer bottles tend a have a more successful week once they go back to work. Reason being, beer has the ability to improve one’s memory, judgment and even attention. This leads to them having lower chances of getting dementia compared to a person who went drinking and gulped down several glasses of whiskey or vodka.
It improves your cholesterol. Beer is all-natural. No preservatives, low in calories, low in carbohydrates and most of all, low in fat. This makes it healthy and advisable for people who are either dieting or have an issue with belly fat. Scientists have confirmed that 80% of those who take the right amount of beer have flat tummies or great abs and an average amount of calories.

On the other hand, beer can have some negative side effects. Increased aggression, increased heartbeat, sweating, vomiting, headaches, beer bellies (as much as it improves your cholesterol and has no calories, excessive intake leads to the development of a beer belly), one can also get a fatty liver which later leads to liver cirrhosis. For women, it can lead to breast cancer. However, all these come as a result of over drinking. As we all know, too much of anything is poisonous.
It’s a weekend and am very sure most of those reading this have plans to go and party tonight, how about you do yourself a favor and drink a bottle or two of beer. Your health comes first. As Charles Bamforth said, “It’s a part of a wholesome diet.”


Heeee this is a nice odd one...but me I will stick to my fruit juice

Hahahaha. Lemi also stick to my sour porridge. This is my lovely beer. Meanwhile the whole stuff is proven and asserted by numerous studies.

Wow did not know that beer reduce heart attack.