I think I’m the last person to write about this but you know, save the best for last. Let’s talk about love. When I say love am very sure many of you are expecting me to talk about my prince charming with whom I have this awesome chemistry with and every time I think of him I feel as if I’ve just won the lotto. No, nah-ah, am single as a Pringle but I am not complaining because nowadays most boyfriends do the same shit that eye pencils do; serve many purposes to different people. I’m not being sexist, am just stating facts.

Sponsors. It is has become normal for a girl to go out with a man who looks like her dad. There is no need to be ashamed anymore since it has become the trend. I am almost certain that if tomorrow someone comes up with a trend of wearing helmets all day long, in a month’s time, 75% of the citizens will have adapted this trend. Dating an older guy is not any different from dating a guy who is only using you but tells you he is in love with you yet he is not.

For instance, let’s say my boyfriend is called David and my sponsor is called Felix. With David I will give him my affection and my body then get fake feelings in return. With Felix, I will give him my body and get money in return. Incase David dumps me, I will get hurt and talk of how much I have been used but if Felix dumps me, I will say that I at least gained something out of it yet I will have been used but will I really notice that? No, because I got what I wanted. Most young guys do not know the meaning of relationships. To most guys, relationships are a matter of having different ladies or dating a beautiful lady who will make them look good to their friends and one who gives them sexual satisfaction. This explains why moving on after a break-up has become very easy.

Ladies open your eyes. Love is patient. Many ladies fall into the confusion of thinking they have feelings for someone just because they slept with them and men or rather “boys” are using this to their advantage. Ask yourself why a guy takes you out, you end up having great sex and he then says he loves you. Is it really love that he feels or does he just want to get more of what you gave him?  I am not supporting the idea of having a sponsor, actually I am totally against it for isn’t it disgraceful for one to sleep with a man who looks like ones father? Also, have you ever looked at your father and imagined him being on top of you? Reality of things is that people are only criticizing ladies who have sponsors instead of also criticizing ladies who are dating young men who take advantage of them.

If you believe that you have to get quick money, I’d rather you shake what your mama gave you to get it. If you want to know if a guy is real with you, say no for the longest time possible; not three months for they are now used to that, make him wait for a longer period than he expects. However, if you can’t do without sex, do not let someone who is dating a sponsor tell you that dating a guy who mostly takes you out for dates in his house and tricks you to sleep over is wrong. Nevertheless, if you have a sponsor, do not let someone who has a boyfriend that mostly uses them for their body tell you that sleeping with someone in exchange for money is wrong. But remember, your body is the temple of God so you can do without sex till the right time comes. As the Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3; 1, ‘For everything, there is a season.’ On top of that, Proverbs 31:2 states, ‘O my son, O son of my womb, O son of my vows, do not spend your strength on women, your vigour on those who destroy kings.’ Engaging in early sexual activities may ruin your chances of getting true love since one tends to fight to keep the person who gives him or her great sexual satisfaction rather than fighting for the person who brings him or her happiness to the heart. Remember, true love comes silently, if you hear bells, see a doctor.



The point on sponsors..
And early dating I mean fornication ruining our chances of getting true love by waiting is true ✅💯💯💯💯

You have hit the nail rigght in the head...I hope our generation would see the light at the tunnel end

The thing is true loves goes knocking on every open heart the only problem is we live in a society where we look at the results of what we haven't worked for.

When reading this article I remembered of a quote that says.."When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it—always."-Mahatma Gandhi.

That message was on point. "The power of the pen..."

All it takes is patience , love is patient