Some people have hope, some have dreams, while others have the drive. However, some have no hope, no drive and most of all, no dream. Motivation is what drives you, gives you the power to do something, makes you fight all the obstacles that are holding you down, makes you lose sleep, eat less and most of all, it makes you not give up. We are all motivated in one way or another though at times it is not to do the right thing but all in all, we are still driven to do it. But then comes the question, what is the difference between motivation needed by an individual and motivation needed by a group of people working together either in a group, a company or as a country?

Motivation needed by an individual is the driving force that one needs so as to push oneself out of a comfort zone and achieve something as an individual whereas motivation needed by a country is the driving force needed by each and every person working together to achieve a similar thing, either as a group, a family, a church, a company or even a country. Hence the question arises, Kenya as a country and we as the citizens, are we really moving in the right direction and do we have the same goal and motivation?

It started as a simple thing; strikes here and there by our civil servants most in the name of needing a salary increment. Some months after the first strike the nation acquired the nickname “The Striking Nation” because everyone seemed to be going on a strike. To most it was a joke. A good story for the headlines. We however, forgot that as the doctors and nurses were striking, patients were dying in large numbers and as the teachers were striking, children were missing out on what they should have been learning. The steam however cooled down and for a while it seemed as if we had fully gone back to the civilized state that the country should be in, not until the universities started striking and riots started happening due to simple political misunderstandings. There we were again, moving backwards as a country.

“There is no hurry in Africa”, a famous saying that we Africans and especially Kenyans seem to comfort ourselves with such that it is not until matters have gotten out of our hands that we finally react. The other day a young man was spotted in the streets of Nairobi being brutally kicked by a police officer in the name of him rioting. Was the beating he got really worth it? Had he lost his life, what would the headlines say, “Man sadly dies during a riot.” What we would not even bother asking is, was he really rioting or did he get caught up in the midst of that commotion by accident? Instead, our words would just be “May his soul rest in peace, though he deserved it.” In the real sense though, even if he survived, did he deserve such a beating?

As a country we seem to suffer from the same illness; taking things for granted and achieving our goals later than the time we had set, maybe months later, years later, for example, the Karatina Open air market, it has been six years since its construction began and yet it is only half way constructed. We seem to forget that by delaying the progress that is supposed to be achieved at this time, the future leaders will have a hard time since they will have to accomplish what we did not before accomplishing what they are supposed to.

Change starts with you. It is high time we end the strikes, riots and all the things that are dragging our progress. We can only do this by finding the answers to; Do we have the same motivation? Do we have the same goal? Are the leaders the reasons we are failing and if so, we as the citizens aren’t we the voters? Is the today we have what we were aiming to achieve five years ago? In the long run, success comes in many different ways, even failure can be success because maybe it is what we have been working to achieve.


I like the concept of what many people see success know failure might just mean success to some...

Tru... Africans really need to come up with a new sayin/slogan.. 'No hurry in Africa' shows how pathetic and Non-intellect most of us are... Where's all the intelligence at?! Shipped off country!? What about vision 2030.. Is it still a vision?! More like a nightmare with where we are headed...