Am tired. Tired of waking up early in the morning to go and grind or to attend a class, tired of a guy texting me only when he is horny, tired of hearing “I love you” yet he means “I thirst for you”, tired of texting someone so many times as if am interested in him yet it is cause I care, tired of knowing the true colors of a person from others according to what they know one does and how he thinks, tired of hearing “I was busy working on something” yet he intends to say “I was busy working on someone” ; but what am mostly tired of is the extent in which people are using others; how ladies are dating guys for money, how men are lying to only get laid once, twice or several times, how everyone assumes they can get something from you and most of all, how unfocused the present generation is. I am not a storyteller, neither am I a fiction writer nor a counsellor, but definitely a truth revealer.

How many times do we stop to think twice about the decisions we are making or the actions we are doing? The other day I was chilling with some of my close friends just talking about random topics. The conversation was good, entertaining and humorous. However, on my ride home I thought about all we had talked about and that is when I realized most of it revolved around the same thing; the guys had mostly talked about the one night stands they had for the past weeks, some ladies talked of how guys mostly hit on them and tend to make intimacy a main agenda, also how much they need a man with cash to make them feel like they are loved. It was in that moment that I recalled Ben had said he can date a lady with money or from a rich family and make her his main lady and tell all his friends, though it won’t really be because he loves her, but because she will make him a hero among his friends and she will spend most of her money on him.

The motto for the present world is “Money is everything”, the motto for young people is “You only live once”. Among young people, their minds mostly revolve around where they will party, how the guys will turn up with certain ladies and their friends will elope with some of these ladies, how good the lady was in bed after she leaves or how much she disappointed the guy who left with her, how ladies want to go out and have a guy cater for all their drinks but they hope the guy will not elope with them, how guys spend their money on a lady expecting her to pay it back by sleeping with him. Why all these? According to statistics, only 10% of the present youngsters are really not into all these, it has gotten to a point where grown-ups look at us and almost make a death wish due to how disappointed they are. Many families nowadays start by a mistake of a one night stand gone wrong, the high rates of joblessness is due to lack of planning at an early age.

I may be young but am a disappointed soul. The levels of immorality are too much, the mistakes people are making are just the replays of the mistakes their friends made. How many ladies have older men as spouses? How many guys have around ten girlfriends and tell each of them that she is the only one? How many gay couples are in our presence? How many guys are genuine to the ladies they are wooing? How many guys think that getting laid by many ladies is not essential? How many people are faithful? How many youths have the tendency of throwing the little  money they get from their guardians or part time jobs on booze and Kush? How many guys are dating a lady only to use her as a rebound option? The answers to these questions may frustrate you, but what will frustrate you most is making one of these mistakes and getting caught up in it or losing a great future. Like Rich Homie Quan said, “These bitches bound to get hurt because a lot of these niggas be playing.” And like Dej Loaf said, “Treat a nigga like a hoe.”

Wisdom they say is mostly for the old who have lived for quite a period of time so I won’t say am wise neither old enough to act like a parent nor young enough to act like I don’t realize most of us are lost but at the right position to ask you, are you sure about what you are doing and is it really worth it? What most forget is that, you can gamble with so many things but the worst of all is gambling with your life cause if you lose you become a disgrace to yourself for the rest of your life.


Gambling with life as if it were kush..really people get mad at you when they cant use you..albeit that is better than allowing them use like Nicki Minaj said..people will only support you when its benefitial..quality work

Precisely πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Precisely πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

'Treat a nigga like a hoe'.. Hehe... Tru so tru...