My words are not inspired nor provoked by a famous person or something that happened and the world at large came to know about it. My words are inspired by the one thing we all have and many ignore; our inner selves. See Mommy had a dream and a wish that someday I will get married to a loyal, successful, motivating, understanding, humble, smart man who isn’t tall dark and neither handsome nor short light skinned and rich, just a man who can make me happy. Over the years however, her dream seems to be growing dimmer and the hope for it ever coming to be has become more or less like a candle burning in a large empty hall where its light only reaches some certain points. Dating is a challenge nowadays; love has been twisted to a complicated thing that is so simple but so confusing.

Back in the days it was more like an omen for a lady to approach a man but nowadays it has become the in thing. Is it really the right thing or is it just that since it’s a change we all have to embrace it and give a blind eye to the fact that it is not that respectable? Being faithful has been reduced to the reality that you can have more than one sex partner or spouse but not more than three, In other cases faithfulness is just but a thing that couples do when they are together but once they are apart they are free to hang out with anyone else and not feel guilty about it nor even talk about it. Word is that contraceptives have made it easier for unfaithfulness to prevail, but is it really the contraceptives or the fact that we just want to find excuses to make us believe that what we are doing is right yet it is not? Let’s take the blame off being unfaithful, a big mistake many make is dating based on looks, swag or the fame one has. Famously known as “fuck boys”, these are the guys most ladies want to be seen with and brag to their friends about how cool they are till they get dumped and the guy moves on to his next prey and you are left crying by yourself. The divas on the other side are the ladies who guys mostly want to be seen with because it is good for their image. Both of these are common mistakes that both genders make when choosing partners. Here are some of the things that can help you if you are a victim or if you want to settle down.

5 types of ladies you don’t want to date:
    1. The braggarts who never give you space to talk about yourself and it’s always about them.
    2. The ones who never see you to be good enough no matter how hard you try.
    3. Those who only talk about money and borrow money from you all the time.
    4. A lady who is paranoid and can’t motivate or inspire you.
    5. A lady who does not make you happy.

5 types of guys you don’t want to date:
    1. The one who calls you sexy but never admits you are neither pretty nor beautiful.
    2. The one who always complains about your physique.
    3. The one who always talks about his expertise in bed and his relations with other ladies.
    4. The one who never appreciates what you do.
    5. The one who doesn’t motivate nor inspire you.

Being happy is a choice and having a happy ever after is still a matter of choice. If getting married to someone who everyone considers ugly but brings out the best in me is a ticket to happiness, find me in church saying my vows cause my happiness matters most and my mommy’s wish still remains and mothers are always right and want what is best for their kids. It may take time to know the right person but patience pays. Take control of your happy ever after, some mistakes are not worth making and our inner selves mostly guides us.  To the ladies who say all men are the same, who told you to date them all? To the men who say all ladies are the same, who told you to mess with all of them?