Most ladies have parents who tell them that a man is supposed to fall in love with you first and make you fall for him, but what most don’t tell us is how to make a man fall for you when you are the one who falls for him first. Many  ladies in this case opt to open up to the guy and hope the guy will fall for them or maybe the feeling is mutual, but by doing this they forget that the feeling may not be mutual and a guy may take advantage of your feelings towards him. When the feeling is not mutual, many get crushed and talk about how they were so blind or na├»ve for falling for the guy but they forget that men have different tastes and types or maybe you do not have skills to make him want to commit to someone. Feelings can be controlled and hidden but you can’t play hide and seek forever so here is a four step plan to make a man fall for you and be the first to say “I love you”

To begin with, give a guy his time with his boys. Most of you ladies are always trying to stop your men from hanging out with their guys yet you forget that a man’s best friends are one of his greatest sources of joy. We all know they sometimes misbehave, hangout with other ladies when they are together, but if he is going to come back home to you and he will be with you from Sunday to Sunday with the exemption of maybe Friday night, and he will still create some alone time for the both of you often, why worry so much? What most ladies do not get is that sometimes when they are spending time they are talking about business plans, better ways to generate money, or how he will get the courage to propose to you. It’s the same way a lady wants some time at the spa or in a salon getting a manicure and pedicure but feels very rejuvenated after that.

Secondly, don’t nag a man with so many questions. I do not know why we ladies want to know so much especially when it comes to the men we are interested with. The WH-Questions like “why am I special to you”, “what do you see in me”, “what are you doing”, “why would a guy like you ever fall for me”, “what is your relationship with the girl you have posted or I saw you with”. We all get you want all of him to yourself, but why keep on trying to make him tell you so much. If a man is interested he will tell you what you deserve to know or he will tell you without even asking. I do not get why most of you who are dating keep on asking “why do you love me” on a daily basis. If he chose to love you he loves you for what you are and responding to that question once is enough. Too many questions tend to drive people away.

Thirdly, make him feel like a man. By this I mean you respect him and his decisions and also trust him. Men are not fascinated by a lady who is not always supportive about their decisions neither one who tries to show them that their method of reasoning is not good enough nor one who is insecure. When a man is aware that he has respect from you, it boosts his confidence and he also feels that you are mature enough to handle his class, way of thinking and how he runs his life.  Trusting a man also makes him feel that he deserves you, and you are a lady who won’t keep on blowing up his phone every now and then wanting to know his every move and his conversations on phone with a friend will be genuine since he will have nothing to hide. Also make him feel like a man in bed, good sex makes a man stick around.

Lastly, do not starve him. The same way charity begins at home is the same way energy begins from the stomach. Some of you are busy giving excuses that they are on a diet; they can’t eat some types of food. Just because you are on a diet it does not mean that the man you are interested in is also on a diet. Food is not just a necessity to a man, to a man, food is life. If you can’t cook some of the food that he mostly loves, find a way to teach yourself how to cook them for him. The effort itself to do that will draw his attention to you. If you don’t know how to cook, it’s high time you started teaching yourself how to do it.

With these tips, fight for the man who you feel you truly love and make him yours. Just don’t fight to get a man to fall for you because of his money, Get your own money, your true love and not a puppy love and open your gates to a healthy love life. And men, don’t get it twisted that we only want bold men. Ladies are into bold men who can pour their hearts out and get emotional. Ladies, don’t get it twisted that you can get any man because of your beauty, even Jezebel was beautiful but got married to a douche and was eaten by the dogs, so utilize your brains.