A dream is what we all have,an achievement is what we all hope to get out of it.It is simple to get a dream but achieving it is not as simple as it may sound.When a voice in our head says ‘I have a dream and I will achieve it’,we at times end up believing that achieving that dream is as simple as letting those words ring in our minds.Many times we sit down and say that we are on the right  track but few are the times we sit down to meditate on how close we have come to achieving our goal.Simple things like I will work on my dream tomorrow,I still have time to work on it,I need to get done with what am doing first,all these are things that most of us say to ourselves mostly with a purpose of creating a consolation mood within us.

How many of us wake up saying,today I will make sure that I have achieved this and that and really achieve what they had said?If we carried out a simple survey right now,a high percentage would fall under the category of those who procrastinate their plans,truth be told,most of the successful people once used to do the same thing till they realized that procrastination is a key to failure.According to statistics,the human brain has the ability to visualize major things that will happen in the future,and generate ideas and plans that will help one achieve what one has foreseen.Some write down these ideas and formulate plans on how they are going to achieve them.However,the rate of implementing the planned ideas is as low as the rate of achieving our goals as soon as we would want to.

Famous and successful people like Bill Gates,Barack Hussein Obama,Nelson Mandela and so forth all had similar challenges.This however is not how most of us who look upto such figures.Most of us visualize them as people who did not encounter many challenges in their endeavours,as those who never came across feelings like giving up,losing hope,being stranded or even not having to struggle to get to where they are.By doing these,it proves that we view them as gods who had success served to them on a silver platter.This however is life,and as we all know,life is not fair thus thinking that success would have come to them by luck is a failure by itself since one has to struggle to get to where they want or to move away from the position or level they were in before.

We mostly term success as acquiring and gaining lots of money.As Barack Hussein Obama said,”Money is not always the answer,but it makes a difference”.Thus if to you success is all about money,visualize the money and let it be the solid ground you stand on when it comes to viewing what you will achieve.Doing this will help you gain focus and momentum that will boost your urge and zeal to get to where you want.Furthermore,if you really want something,you will let whatever drives you be the driver of your will even in times of dissapointments.Failure will always be there,but failing is way better than not trying.Dreams will always be there;some dreams will be shared amongst friends,families,colleauges or even partners wheras some dreams will be personal and unique.What really makes an idea unique is when we get to talk about that dream among others when we have already achieved it.Will your urge to achieve your dream drive you or will you drive the dream till you succeed?