There is always a moment to live and another to die, but most of us do not know the difference between these two moments.Life itself is not always defined by the levels of maturity that we have attained, sometimes it is defined by the feeling or outcome of a certain action or the result of a circumstance.Most us though, do not know how to adapt to the result of a circumstance.Let’s face it, some of the actions we take cost us a lot.

Dating is a period where people get to know the true self of their partners, but these days, this is not always the case.Lies have become a barrier to the true meaning of dating.For instance, if we did a research on the number of broken marriages that are in there in the present society, a high percentage of them would be due to marriage between partners who do not know much about each other.Most men treat their women like angels when dating but after marriage, they turn out to actually be human hyenas who batter their wives.Women on the other hand seem to be beauty queens,organized,responsible and down to earth.After marriage, they turn to be weird people who are undefinable and the total opposite of what or who they were before.I honestly do not get why but I guess there is a non- existent theory behind this madness.

So lies are the main cause of this so called scandal.Where do they all begin,well by the simple choice of words and jokes that we decide to pose.There is this question whereby one is asked about his or her ex; what caused the break up; when they actually broke up and if one is already over the feelings they had for their exes.These simple and common questions will surprise you when you realize how much people lie especially men.Most  men will not even admit that they got dumped, instead they will say “I dumped her, she was not good enough, we broke up months ago, i have no remaining traces of feelings for her, stop worrying about it.The responses have become clich├ęs but ladies have learnt to cope with them.The main issue however, comes in when he says do not worry about it yet a simple action like deleting her number or deleting her picture from his social media site is so hard for him to take.If you are really over her, some things like those should not even exist, yet some people are fast to judge and say that ladies who get rid of some of their exes information or details are immature, actually they are showing that they are over you and you mean nothing to them anymore.Men, please do not say that am biased yet it is true.Furthermore,once you fall in love there is never a thing like going back to just being friends.

 Other lies include the things that men promise ladies that they will do for them.Buy them a house, provide everything for them, take care of their children, others even tell their women that there will be no need to work.Men men men, stop killing yourselves.Treat your ladies like queens but not like lazy bones.There is no way that you are going to promise a lady all these things and expect that she will stick by your side when you burst her bubble and fail to fulfill your promises.If you cannot manage to do all you say for her, then do not even say it, instead,tell her only what you can really do and she will totally like it.

Honesty is key and lying about your exes makes ladies turn away when they come to realize the truth.If a successful commitment is what you really want, show your lady what you can really do and tell her the truth about your exes and what really happened, it may save you the trouble of being single for life.