LOST BIRD

Her soul cries as she stares into the night,
Her eyes only display hurt and pain,
A  better day she hopes for,but a better day never comes.
In terror of tomorrow she lives but hope in herself she builds.

It is five o'clock in the morning,but her heart is already mourning.
The light from her lamp is all she sees,since her life is full of endless seas.
The cars are already hooting,the conductors are already calling.
In her hand a bag,for it is yet another day.

Out in the streets she walks,in hers tatters that her nudity they don't block.
Her body shivers,her teeth clatter,her hope wavers.
To the dump site she heads before going to where she begs.
On her neck a chain hangs,bearing only two words,"keep going"

The garbage she collects for the sake of that single coin,
A note she might at least get but on her tummy she will all spend.
In dirt she digs,for plastics and metal scraps
Her heart believes that from this she will eat but it is not a guarantee.

The day passes and her hunger surpasses.
Finally she is done,and on her back the heavy bag she places,
To the industry she walks and for a moment she is hopeful;
That finally she has earned a meal,but ungratefully you threw her bag in her face.

Don't you see that she is just a young lady,
Who is lost in  this big world that is unfair?
In her heart she is hopeful,but her heart is now weak.
Has lust for money turned you to heartless brutes?

Slowly she walks back to her hell of her home,
In her hand a garbage gag full of waste,in her other hand invisible hope,
That at least tonight she will make it through the night.
Mercy is all she asks but all we do is watch,
Who should we blame?