DON'T MARRY A "GHOST"
Being single is fun and complicated,but dating is hectic, tiresome and amazing.I have been single for a while and it has been working out real great and for a moment i would say that i am the one.This however is not the case for many out there.I do not know if people have lost the courage to personally approach people or if the online dating thing is a trend.

The other day i was peacefully seated in a hotel during my lunch break eating alone as usual.A young man who seemed to be in his early thirties was seated in the next table sipping wine from his glass.He was smartly dressed in a black suit and well polished black shoes.From a far you could tell that he was obviously waiting for someone and most definitely a lady unless maybe he was a homosexual.Moments later a lady dressed in a red dress walked in.She stood at the door looked confused for a moment then she pulled out her phone from her purse,scrolled for a while,stared at something then started looking around till alas!,she spotted the young man and started walking up to him."Hello,i believe your are Tom,am Mary.Great to officially meet you."For a while i was lost in the moment trying to join all the events and at least get to know what was going on.

Tom stood up and hugged the young lady not seeming so sure of the situation himself.
    "You look different from the pictures you sent me,"Tom said.
     "I guess pictures sometimes lie,"she responded.
I was now getting to understand what was going on.These two had never met face to face before but had exchanged pictures once in a while.Mary seemed delighted unlike Tom who seemed as if he had just seen a ghost.I could tell that he was disappointed because from his expression he seemed like he had been expecting an African version of Kim Kardashian but instead a Female version of someone like Ted the bear showed up.The man was of course a gentleman and catered for the lunch and all even if he seemed somehow uncomfortable.Mary on the other hand seemed to have met her prince charming and kept on talking over and over.If it was not for my time being limited i would have stayed to watch how the date ended but i could tell that Tom was never going to call Mary again. 

Mary and Tom are not the only ones who have met maybe through social media or even through a connection by a friend whereby you exchange numbers and get to know each other through the phone by exchanging pictures and chatting.Some of these unions actually end up leading to happy marriages and happy ever afters,but not always.As much as technology is widespread and essential in our lives,some of us have gotten to a point of exploiting it.Online dating sites have become widespread and are now the in thing but they are not always successful.Actually most are not.According to research,only about 20% of these unions lead to marriage.Reason being is that many people lie and give false information about themselves.Ladies mostly lie about themselves and even about their whereabouts and go to the extent of photo shopping their pictures to enhance their looks.

 I have nothing against online dating but i would prefer it if people were at least honest about themselves the same way they would be if it was a face to face union.If this does not work out for you,approaching someone after seeing them for the first time is easier.Furthermore,you will not get to meet a "ghost" on your first date or marry a stranger.If all these do not work out for you,being single is also an option for many have gone down this road of saying they know someone completely and later on finding that they know almost nothing about someone.Marriage is great,love is wonderful,minor mistakes are not worth it unless your happiness does not always count.