TIPS ON HOW TO USE MAKEUP
Appearance tells a lot about someone, one can even describe someone  based on what they see.It may create a good image to another person or even a bad image but sometimes looks can be deceiving,furthermore,even the saying goes,don’t  judge a book by its cover.Make up for instance has become the main appearance enhancer.Even men are nowadays beginning to use it  but this mostly applies to actors and models.But is make up really such an enhancer?

First and foremost,make up enhances one’s appearance.It makes one stand out among people and even become easily noticeable.In places like offices or work areas,a lady who has makeup on tends to be respected more by her workmates and may also get assigned more jobs.She is also viewed as one who is educated,smart and unique.In the streets it is also easier to spot a lady with makeup from afar since she is different from the rest even in a crowd.

Also,makeup boosts one’s confidence.Looking natural feels great,but when one has an option of looking greater,why waste it?Some people have confidence issues whereby they don’t feel so great about themselves.Thoughts like;I am not beautiful;I don’t fit in;I should get a facial surgery;Men can’t approach me.Others even go to the extent of questioning why they look awkward as others lament that God made them ugly.Well,makeup is the redeemer to such people.In the first place no one is ugly but many find it hard to believe that especially young people or ladies who have been dumped just because their spouses did not think they were pretty enough.When a person like this applies makeup,she is able to see her beauty and appreciate it no matter how ugly she felt before.To others,makeup helps them get their game face on.”Put some makeup on,apply some lipstick and hustle”,the greatest makeup motto.

On the other hand,makeup also hides scars or rather unwanted marks.Past experiences maybe of burns or injuries that occurred and left souvenirs are very common among people.These scars greatly contribute to the diminishing of one’s self esteem.In the present society,domestic violence has become widespread and many people have found themselves being victims.In the process of some of these violences,one may get hit or injured.As we all know,bedroom affairs should remain to be bedroom affairs thus walking out of the house with such marks mostly on one’s face can raise questions among neighbours,friends and workmates.Therefore,most of these victims tend to apply makeup to hide evidence of love gone sour.

According to mother nature,nothing is a hundred percent good,everything has its own negative side even makeup.This side effects include appearance of pimples,black spots,darkening of one’s skin and may even cause bleaching on one’s skin.Other makeup agents may also cause damage when  they come into contact with sensitive body organs like the eyes whereby one can lose his or her eyesight,a rash can be formed around the eye or even one may start having difficulties related to visual acuity.

Also,when one applies excessive makeup,it tends to make one look fake and artificial.God blessed us all personally with our own beauty and when we opt to enhance it,it is not a crime unless we decide to overdo it.This is the case mostly with some of the socialites,models and even common makeup users.It makes one lose his or her original look making one look like a doll or something that has been crafted.It is hard to recognize a person who is used to applying excessive make up when they do not have make up on.For instance,a  lady married to her Algerian husband was recently divorced a day after their wedding after her husband finally saw her with no makeup on.

In summary,makeup is great,makes ladies look like princesses for a while but when it is over used,the repercussions will make them look the total opposite of what they wanted.If one can’t be able to apply make up in an appropriate manner,then she can put makeup out of the question,furthermore,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.