IS IT ALL ABOUT SEX?
In the past, tradition was well respected,morals were perfectly adhered to and respect was a golden virtue;nowadays things have taken a different turn.It is on a friday evening,everyone is busy talking about the party ahead and how they are wishing that the night will turn out to be the night of their lives.This is what weekends are all about these days,partying,drinking and most of all socializing.My due,when i say socializing i mean advanced socializing.
My girls and i are all set;make up on,sexy clothes on,party mode on.In the car, Cate is busy talking about how one of these days she will find the man of her dreams who will sweep her off her feet and be the perfect match for her.A man who does not drink nor have a drug addiction.In short she is talking about a man who is the complete opposite of her.Flora stares at her in a look showing that she is tired of listening to Cate sing the same old song,"Gone are the days women used to cook like angels,now they drink and party like men who think that there is no tomorrow.If you are ever going to find a man,you will have to change your habits unless you want to die single."
      "Am still young and as far as i know you only live once so when the time comes i will quit"Cate responds.
That is what ladies like us all say yet the right time never seems to come.
People are already buzzing in the club,some are on the floor dancing while others are seated sipping drinks or just watching others party.There is a free table fit to be taken by the three of us.We do not need men to buy us drinks,we are all independent with stable jobs.That's how it is nowadays but the men still keep coming.
     "What can i get you?the hot waiter asks.
     "Two bottles of your finest vodka and six bottles of beer",I respond.
     "I'll get back to you shortly,"he responds.
I believe i said that women drink like men nowadays in the name of fun,but it's always about the fun.

The guys come easy in places like these and as we consume our drinks we spot some of them who are already checking us out.One walks up to us and introduces himself as Mark asking me for a chance to dance with him.From a far i can tell that he has a few qualities that are on my checklist but then again,i just came to have fun not find love in a club.He strikes up a conversation for us to at least get to know each other before giving him a response.They are always the same old questions and i always give the same old answers making the same old expressions and the same old signs of interest.Furthermore,old is gold.After some minutes he takes my hand and we leave Flora and Cate taking their drinks.
The music is great and we easily lose ourselves in it based on the fact that we are also tipsy.I look at our table after a while and realize that Flora and Cate are missing.Looking around i notice them dancing with two guys.The night is fading away and after a while i realize that Flora and her new guy are missing.She will be back after some time anyway so no cause for alarm.I talk Mark into taking a break as we catch our breath,he buys me a drink as we watch others dancing and get to know each other better.I look around and notice Cate walking out in the arms of her new catch heading to the rooms near the club.Mark is busy trying to get to know me and we get to exchange numbers.This has become a routine whereby guys dance with you through the night and if luck strikes you both have sex and life goes on.Some guys actually call you after that but others never do.I had not realized how sensible Mark was till i noticed that dawn was creeping in and he not asked anything like sex from me.I did not know if it was a good or a bad thing but the interest was mutual.
I noticed Flora walking back in with her man and they said their goodbyes with a simple hug.Cate later on came back by herself and joined Flora.They were tired and kept making signs at me that they wanted to leave.Mark the gentleman walked me to where they were and offered to walk us to our car.We said our goodbyes and we drove off.It is funny how sincere alcohol makes you.Cate and Flora were busy talking about how they just had great sex talking about the sex styles they had just used.You would have thought it was a sex lesson.I was the laughing stalk of the night since i had not gotten laid but in my mind i knew i had somehow found Mr.Right.

We soon got home and all of us headed straight to our beds.The events of that night got me thinking.In the past sex was sacred and holy but nowadays it is just for fun and self satisfaction.Most of us do not even realize this but it is the reality of things.If it was back in the day where curses existed due to violation of some norms,most of us would already be cursed for violating the sacredness of sex,but it is a new generation with new things and new beliefs.I should have termed myself lucky that i had found a new catch and the simple friendship might end up having a positive result but deep in my head i was still disappointed that i had not achieved all my goals and gotten something i wanted.It is devastating that some marriages started with a simple one night stand.Is sex really as sacred as it used to be?